Eccentricity is ingrained in British history arguably as much as “tea”, “rain” and “Shakespeare”. For a small nation we have produced a huge variety of interesting, quirky characters over the years. There may be evidence to suggest that Britain’s eccentricity is dying out, even in an age of mass consumerism, where we are offored the possibility to be whoever we want to be. People seem to be looking more and more similar and doing more of the same things with the ease and security of following approved online trends: a safer existence than daring to be different. However much this shift may be apparent there are still people waving the flag for eccentricity in Britain, I spent the several weeks scouting out and meeting some of these wonderful characters. Celebrating Eccentricity is a documentation of these people and their stories.

Ben Wood           
Celebrating Eccentricity
Documenting Britian’s great eccentrics.